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Sol LeWitt 1965-2006 (City Hall Park – NYC)

Sol LeWitt 1965-2006 (City Hall Park – NYC)

Sol LeWitt’s public art installation at City Hall Park exhibits 27 sculptures that show the span of his life long work.  These artwork focus on modular minimalism, as the white cubic forms express.  These objects appear to be hidden gems scattered throughout the lush organic greenery, protected from the tall buildings of the surrounding cityscape.  Downtown Manhattan is enlivened by all the white modular cubic structures and colorful sculptures, as described below.


“The large-scale open cubes of Three x Four x Three perform a simple numerical operation – the addition and subtraction of one element – while simultaneously altering their configuration. Three cubes connected on a horizontal axis and three cubes connected on a vertical axis frame four cubes each connected on two sides. This stepped, triangular form is further elaborated by Pyramid (Munster), 1987, in this exhibition.”

SPLOTCH 15, 2005

“The organic form and bright color of Splotch 15 create a remarkable contrast to Sol LeWitt’s iconic white modular structures. Nevertheless, the form and color distribution were generated through a typically LeWittian system of projections from a two-dimnsional base. First, the artist drew a highly irregular, eccentric outline as the footprint of the structure. He then devised one segmented plan within that outline for color and a second plan within that outline for color and a second plan for height. Using three-dimensional computer modeling software, his Brooklyn fabricator constructed the work. The resulting exuberant form is the surprising result of the marriage of these two systems of color and height.”